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Our School

For a while now I have been thinking about our school as I have the option of switching to another one and I have come up with the following

1. Though our school isn't huge or fancy we have some of the best student teacher ratios in the country and that is damn cool. Other schools you are simply a number, here you can actually walk up to a prof and have a chance of them knowing your name. I feel thats important as it allows for more indepth discussion and personalization of what you want to get out of a class.

2. Though we are in the middle of no where and it is fucking cold in the winter time, The surrounding area can not be beat. Face it folks, it's beautiful up there.

Well ok thats all I can come up with right now as I am hung over, but what are your thoughts on our school? Do you like it? Would you change if you had the chance?
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